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I just stuffed my emotions with drugs and alcohol." She's hoping that her mistakes will help the other girls stay on the straight and narrow."Everything that I went through, every new girl goes through," she said.But Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump gave her a second chance.And now she's acting as a big sister to his stable of beauties."My job is basically being their friend." Trump came close to firing Conner last year, but relented after she gave him a tearful apology and promised to go into rehab.

But I was doing this stuff before I won Miss USA, so I don't think that's what caused it.

Conner later admitted to struggling with both alcoholism and cocaine abuse.

press materials say the four beauty queen roommates will "have a now sober Tara to guide them away from the temptations and unrelenting attention that led to her notoriety when she was Miss USA." And if that's not enough, Trump himself will be "dropping by to check in and make sure they all stay on track," according to the press release from MTV.

I was a sick person." FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Conner said Trump's views about addiction and mental health is "what we need" and a lot of people voted for him "because they feel as though he can make a change about the addiction crisis." "So his words so far have been amazing," she told us.

"I'm really excited what action is taken." Conner knows her views on Trump are not popular, especially among Hollywood stars who use their platform to speak out against the president.

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