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I'm working toward constructing a visual, GUI-based tool somewhat like Map Zone, that can construct definitions files that my various games and projects using the library can load in order to recreate the module chain. I have split the library into 4 divisions or categories of modules based on function:1) Implicit modules-- Based on standard noise functions, the Implicit modules generate or act upon a set of Perlin noise generators and modifiers.

These modules operate in N-dimenstional spaces, and are "accessed" via one of three "get" functions: a 2D version of "get", a 4D version, and a 6D version.

This adapter performs the mapping of an arbitrary Implicit function chain to an explicit buffer of data.

Controls are provided to specify how the function is to be mapped.

Also included are turbulence modules, fractal combiners, select/blend operations, etc...

The Greyscale space includes an Adapter that interfaces with an Implicit module.

Patterns are supported (wave generators, fuzzy disks, bars, lines, grids, checkers, etc...

quite a lot, actually) as well as combiners (Add to sum an arbitrary list of sources, Mult, Average, Min, Max, Fractal Combine (versions of Perlin fractals for 2D maps), etc...

Users can also click the links provided for more detailed policies and plans.

All of the referenced policies as well as additional policies are compiled in an appendix.

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