Updating table of contents changes font

The instructions I posted are correct: edit the Alpha Channel on Images Removing horizontal line ?[closed] Settin font for page numbers How do I install new fonts to Libre Office Writer?Then, from the Home tab, you can change the appearance of your selection.But why in the world would you do that for dozens of entries in the TOC? The easy way is to make changes globally using TOC styles.Students, staff and faculty can get dissertation formatting assistance at Scholarspace: Located on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library.Call ahead (647-7406) or e-mail [email protected] make an appointment.

You can customize the font and size of the text styles and set your styles as defaults.(Note: A Microsoft Word table of contents—or any TOC, for that matter—shares many features with an outline.It’s the “snapshot” of your document’s body.) We’ll be working with MS Word’s built-in styles and using the term quite a bit, so if you need a refresher before we begin, have a look at our MS Word styles tutorial first.The default styles for a Writer Table of Contents are very resistant to change and the instructions on reformatting don't reflect what I see before me.Manual formatting works fine, but goes away with each 'update' run.

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