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Cyrus Guzdar, 35, grew up Zoroastrian in Columbia, Maryland, and is currently dating a 30-year-old woman, Claire Markham, who grew up Catholic.

The two met about a year ago online; Markham, a self-declared “religion nerd” who studied theology in college and graduate school, was fascinated by Guzdar’s religious background.

Zoroastrianism does have holidays and rituals, and adherents go through an initiation rite, which some people compare to a bar or bat mitzvah, called “navjote.” Although it might appear to outsiders as though fire is worshipped in the temples, Zoroastrians say that fire is a symbol of the divine, due to its warmth and light, rather than the divinity itself.

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“The only way this community will survive is through the personal decisions of each individual Zoroastrian,” he said.

Tracking demographics of the group in North America and worldwide isn’t easy.

The religion, which adherents often refer to as the world’s first monotheistic tradition and which dates back to the 6th century B.

The Zoroastrian king inserted either sugar—or in some tellings, a ring—and sent the cup back to suggest that not only was there room for his people, but they would also enrich Indian society if permitted to settle.

Certain restrictions curbed the private and communal lives of the Zoroastrian asylum seekers, but they were largely allowed to thrive in India.

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