Praying together as a couple dating

George Barna said that “for many Americans, prayer is like snacking—we don’t really think about it, but we do it out of habit and without much passion.” Honestly, if my pastor says, “You’re all invited to an hour-long prayer meeting after tonight’s service,” I immediately think of all the terribly important things I should do instead—you know, like my laundry and watching the latest Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episode.Praying is not always easy, but it is vitally important in our Christian walk.How can a girl experience her boyfriend’s spiritual leadership if he never leads her in prayer?

We skim over prayer nonchalantly instead of making it the main ingredient that binds our relationship together. The divorce rate among couples who regularly attend church together is fifty percent.Around Christmas time, I made a batch of cocoa cookies. I went to the cupboard and pulled out the cocoa jar, thinking that perhaps it was expired.I had made this family recipe many times, so I was quite surprised when I bit into the finished product and it tasted like burnt play-dough. Why had my cooking skills suddenly turned into a cooking curse? After examining it briefly, I realized that someone had actually put cinnamon in the cocoa jar and never bothered to re-label it. Unfortunately, my family was not as excited as I was about my culinary creation—my dog wouldn’t even eat it.Either way, it is important to remember that God may not call the two of you to marriage.For this reason we have to guard our hearts, even in prayer.

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