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I'm a history loving intellectual girl - I'm not looking for anybody, except perhaps that one who loves the things that I love, the one who thinks like I do, dreams big like I do and the one who loves discovering the MESSIAH the way I do!

I love good coffee, late-night conversations, long drives, holding hands and dissecting poetry.

8) Waiting for you to make the move You might be complaining that your relationship hasn’t progressed to real-life, but have you considered that the reason for this is because the other person is waiting for you to make the first move? Apps such as Tinder provide a constant stream of new faces to potentially date.

If it’s a girl in question, you have to remember that women sometimes like to be chased – so it could just be a case of her playing hard to get in this scenario. Maybe what connects us to people also disconnects us from potential relationships – too much choice means there’s less of a likelihood of committing to meeting up with one person and we’ll end up interacting online more but meeting up less.

Communicating through technology is a way of filling a void in real life but that person may have no intention of meeting face-to-face as that digital interaction is all they need.

3) Plate-spinning – chatting to several people at once Plate spinning refers to someone who feeds just enough into a conversation to keep it going, but has no intention of taking it further. We all look for distractions and ways to procrastinate at times like these.

I live on the South Coast of the UK, a lovely spot and an artists haven.

If you’re chatting to a plate-spinner for months and months, don’t waste your time letting them dip in and out of your life. Maybe the reason for your penpal-esque dating is because this chat is nothing more than a boredom cure for the other person.

5) Ego-boost Sometimes people use dating sites and apps for reassurance that they are still desirable and attractive.

My interests include traveling drawing, watching movies,listening to musics,singing and many more, so send me a message to know more:).

and I'm looking for real friends to have a long lasting friendship with all over the world.

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