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The Knowledge Share Alert Newsletter [pdf] is a bi-monthly newsletter which provides the latest articles, websites and books on topics related to health management and evidence-based practice as well as providing lists all of the latest NICE guidance.Log into Knowledge Share (using an NHS Open Athens username and password) to enter your professional interests to receive Knowledge Share updates and alerts by email.This requires disciplined, focused innovation, learning from failure and addressing issues around scale and diffusion. Many publishers will allow users to sign up to a table of contents service, where you will be alerted via email to the table of contents (TOC) of journal issues, whenever an issue is published.

They usually book your surgery date (you’ll get a letter asking you to confirm the date and time is ok).

Look out for a link to sign up for TOC alerts service on the home page of your favourite journals.

There are services that also allow you to sign-up to receive toc alerts from a number of journals at once.

You need to sign up for this service and can receive toc alerts for up to 30 titles. Produced by the British Library, Zetoc allows access to 29,000 journals and its Zetoc Alert service.

Set up topic search alerts in databases such as Pub Med, Medline, Embase or Cinahl hosted via Ovid SP, Ebsco or NICE Evidence Services.

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