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Step 3: That’s it, now your table will be linked to the original Excel file.Whenever you update the Excel file and reopen Word, Word will ask you if you want to update the doc with the new data from the linked files.Ever need to insert an Excel worksheet into a Word document and have them linked so that when you update the main Excel worksheet, it automatically updates the values in the Word document also?Well, there are actually a couple of ways to insert an Excel spreadsheet into Word: linking, embedding and creating a new one.

Because of the limitations of web browser technology, copying and pasting text in Office Online differs from copying and pasting text in the Office desktop applications. As expected, tracked changes appear in Word Online while in View mode. Advanced document elements, such as Auto Text, cover pages, bibliography, table of contents, index, equations, and watermarks, are only available in the Word desktop app. Document parts and themes, such as content controls and pre-formatted collections of color scheme, font scheme, and graphic effect pre-sets are only available in the Word desktop app.

In newer versions of Word, you’ll see several icons.

You can hover over them and you’ll find the same two options as mentioned above.

In addition to inserting an existing Excel spreadsheet, you can also insert a new Excel object into Word, which basically runs Excel inside of Word itself.

In this article, I will show you how to do it using all three methods and explain what you need to do in order to create the link.

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