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Paul told Timothy to “watch your life your doctrine.” He reminded Timothy, “Continuing in both saves yourself and those who hear you.” Both life and doctrine are critical.A drift in life lowers the credibility of the message, as the leader’s life is watched as much as the sermon is heard.His church was growing in Seattle, of all places, a place recognized as being one of the most unchurched cities in the entire nation.Both men were influencing young preachers and young Christians.And both Bell and Driscoll are charismatic, magnetic leaders.But a decade later, both Rob Bell and Mark Driscoll are in different places.Some would say that the trajectory of both men has reached the logical, un-intervened conclusion.When Bell began questioning key doctrines of the faith, some suggested that the questioning would not end with one doctrine.

Bell is a gifted and compelling artist in both his speaking and writing.

His hearers have benefited greatly from his steadfastness. I can’t and won’t attempt to improve on Paul’s challenge: Watch your life and watch your doctrine closely.

"Do you believe that abortion as a result of rape is wrong?

For this reason, Paul told the believers in Philippi to put into practice not only what they heard from him but also what they saw in him (Philippians 4:9).

A drift in doctrine, a drift from the truth, has a devastating impact.

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