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Jimmy and Dennis flew from New York to Indianapolis and then went by bus to Fairmount.

Within minutes of their arrival at the Winslow farm, even before Dennis had unpacked his bag in the spare room, Jimmy appeared in his doorway grinning and giggling.

Jimmy had dark circles under his eyes and as Dennis recalls, “He looked like hell.

Taylor, who learned to see the visual world through her grandmother’s eyes, combines family memories and journals with never-before-seen photos and film footage to bring Lange’s story into sharp focus.The result is a personal documentary of the artist whose empathy for people on the margins of society challenged America to know itself. Dennis Stock became involved in a curious fashion with James Dean.Dennis and Jimmy exchanged a polite few words until they learnt they had someone in common: Gjon Mili, the eminent Life photographer who had directed Jimmy’s screen test in New York for Elia Kazan.Dennis had worked as Mili’s apprentice for four years and was also his good friend.

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