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Because it can range from simple voyeurism (watching people without their knowing it) to malicious attacks of some sort, the punishment will vary depending upon the circumstances of the crime.But either way, it’s wrong and if you are the victim of such, you should report it to your local authorities or the FBI for investigation.In a recent airing of the popular, “Shark Tank” program where hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors, and ask for funding to help their business, a recent guest brought an idea to the show that featured a plastic mechanism that would go in front of the webcam of your computer, to keep outsiders from accessing it.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself from webcam hackers is to make sure they don’t have access to begin with.In addition, if you use remote access of your technological gadgets, it is theoretically more likely that they may be able to access your webcam through third-party software as well. Though there are some other methods (mentioned above), which hackers can use to access your web camera, the most popular way they do it, according to anti-hacking expert, Leo Notonboom is by the use of malware.Malware, by its very nature, is a nasty beast anyway. Viruses can easily be removed and caught by some of the well-known antivirus programs on the market today.College kids hacking into an all girls dorm room can be something they may do for kicks, but it carries serious consequences.There have been incidents in the news in recent months about people who were victims of such crimes who later killed themselves due to the humiliation and disgrace they suffered at the hands of such bullies.

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