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One of you leaving will change things but these changes tend to be logistical: you’ll spend more time on trains shooting out of London, or planes launching out of Gatwick.

But one of you staying, turning down an opportunity, will change things too, and these changes are more nebulous and therefore far harder to fix.

Don’t get upset if they’re busy: it doesn’t mean they’re guilty.

Ensure that when you open your front-facing camera on Face Time you hold it above your chin so you don’t look too jowly. Mostly, the long-distance set-up is forced by a change in situation: one of you graduates and the other still has another year at university; one of you is offered a job in a new city; one of you goes travelling and the other starts a graduate job..

Long distance relationships are not inferior relationships: they are different.

Their rules are not that different to the rules of normal relationships.

You’ll regret it but neither of you will forget it.

Especially if it’s a short-term set-up – in which case resistance is both futile and petty.

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Remember the context: this argument happened partly because you miss each other, probably.Seriously, though, if that person is actually cuckolding you, they won’t be so obvious.That girl might have a crush on your boyfriend, but nothing has happened and it probably won’t if that’s her unsophisticated modus operandi. “One of my house mates used to be in a long distance relationship, but used to sleep with different girls all the time regardless,” explains Rob Firth.Once, she came down to visit and forced the entire house to have drinks with her and him, so that she could interrogate the girls in our house.She was really confrontational with all of them and it was awkward for everyone, especially as we all knew he had been sleeping with just about everyone else other than those who the girlfriend was accusing.” Obviously, the worst bit about being in a long-distance relationship is that you can feel like you are neither single nor properly attached.

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