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Thin "spaghetti" peghead decal logo, no patent numbers."Small" peghead, round string tree, truss rod adjusts at butt. Serial number on neck plate (except April to May 1954 models on back tremolo plate).View the underside of the chassis (flashlight helps alot)look for the reverb driver trans.Its in the middle of the 6 preamp tubes with the removable shields. For a black face, this transformer would have been made in 1964 during the 23 week (—423) The trick to this is they don’t renumber the decades.The Fender serial number decoder currently supports all documented MIA, MIJ, MIM, MIK and MII formats with the exception of Custom Shop, Relic and Reissue instruments.

Fender used two kinds of silver/blue grill cloth, first version, as with your amp, the blue stripe fades away to red, then brown and eventually disappears.You’ll find 2 rows of numbers, top set is the Fender part #, always starts with a 022, in this case it would be 022921. Works as follows, they have 6 numbers, first three is the EIA manufacturer, ignore this. A silverface made on the 23rd week of 1974 will have the same date code.The only good thing about dating amps this way is Fender never deviated-still valid today. If your JBL says D120F on it(look for the “f”) certainly could have been stock.(.00 additional at that time) Always pull on the volume controls to see if they pull out-these were pull boosts, not labeled on 70’s faceplates.The Stratocaster was first introduced in spring 1954, it may well be the most popular and copied guitar design ever.

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